Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Shopping Mania! Pre-Review on Circle lenses/Cosmetics/ETC *Pic Heavy*

I haven't been blogging lately :(

Ever since uni started, I have no social life and everyone that I once knew turned into robots -sigh-
And to clear this whole stress frenzy, I went on this massive eBay spending spree and now I'm just waiting for my stuff..
(I usually takes 3-4 weeks to arrive in Australia-land)

Yesterday was my lab day, usually I like lab. But I GOT SICK ~_~
I got the fever, headache, my nose was running and to top it off I forgot my jacket so throughout the day I felt hot and cold.. and my eyeballs were burning (I'm the weird one that gets this effect of burning eyeballs when I have a fever).
And on the bus I realised I forgot my hair tie but the girl that was sitting in front of me gave her hair tie to me.. What a nice girl! she made my day :) and she went to my high school and I never realised!! (though she graduated a year after me)

In Chemistry Lab, If the teacher knew I took pics in lab, I would get expelled :S

In Anatomy&Physiology lab, This is my Lab partner and we observed the Cows Heart

I went to a convenient store that was at the train/bus station and I bought Panadol (pain killer) to reduce my fever... and it cost $4.80 for a 12 tablet packet and at a supermarket it would cost around $2 for a packet of 24 tablets.. GRRRR!! 

On the weekend, I went shopping at Harbour Town on the Gold Coast (5mins away from my uni ><)
I would have taken a better picture, but I didn't want to look like a tourist so I took a pic in a non-busy spot

And I bought:
-Eyeliner for 0.99 cents each!
-Maybelline 'Great Lash' in Blackest Black (this is my favourite mascara! though I only ever used the Brownish Black waterproof version of it so hopefully the Blackest Black is similar :D)
-And 2 Converse shoes, one white leather pair and one black leather pair (I wanted a brown leather pair but they only had size 5 and I'm a size 7)

$0.99 Cents eyeliner! *__* I bought Brown, Gold and Grey

It was $10 for 2! and it normally cost around $20 for one mascara *__* good bargain :D

My old mascara (my fav) which ran out :'(

Then I went to a Japanese Grocery store called 'Go Go Mart' just across the street from Harbour Town and went grocery shopping :D
When I went to the checkout, the stores clerk (he was so cute ><) he was talking to me in Japanese, luckily I learnt Japanese for one semester and I half understood him LOL! hopefully he understood my fractured Japanese...

I bought:
- Yakisoba Noodles
-I bought this glutinous taro dessert but I didnt't take a pic because I ate them all before I got home hehe!
-Korean BBQ/Stir fly sauce
-Ramen Noodle Snacks
-Korean Caramel Corn Snacks
-Instant Miso Soup Packet
-Mango Aloe Vera Juice Drink
-Pepero Chocolate Korean Biscuit Stick Snack (They're exactly like Pocky!)
-Seaweed snacks
- And Kimchi
I know what your thinking.. I bought a lot of Korean food at a Japanese grocery store LOL!

Korean stir fry sauce

Ramen noodle snacks

The main packet looks small at first, but its huge! the little packets inside are so cute! THERE THE YUMMIEST SNACKS EVER!

Caramel corn snacks

Tastes like the miso soup at a Jap restaurant *__*

I'm not a fan of normal aloe vera juice but I do like the mango juice version

Looks small at first but ITS MASSIVE! It had 8 normal packets inside!

Comparison with Lip gloss and the massive box!

Korean Seaweed~

A few days later I got a few packages from eBay *__*
And I got:
-5 Ipod Touch Cases
-Pore Deep Charcoal Nose Strips 
-Koji Dolly Wink Deep Black Liquid Eyeliner
-Canmake Glossy Hoilic Lip Gloss in '06'
-Lucy Lipgloss in 'No.1'
-2in1 Eyeshadow/Highligher and Lipstick
-Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream in 'No.21'
-Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in 'No.21' (I also own No.23 previously)
-And Sexy Japanese School Uniform

They were $1.29 each with free delivery :D

Looks like a real cassette right? :3

Guess where my iPod is? :P

These were $2.50 with free delivery and they gave me a sample of Etude House BB cream

This were around $10 free delivery (I forgot the exact price)

This was $9.89 with free delivery (MY FAVOURITE GLOSS! it moisterises, and it has spf 25 PA++ and it makes your lips plump!

This was $3 free delivery (these make your lips plump)

I bought this for 0.99 cents free delivery... perfect!

I don't remember how much it was.. mayber $20 or $30? Its mineral oil free! My fav BB cream!

This was $9.89 free delivery

The Jap Uniform was $10 free delivery 

And I bought a lot of circle lenses too!
Like the GEO Bambi Princess Mimi in 'Green Apple"
EOS Super Nudy in 'Violet' (14.5mm)
GEO Super Angel in 'Brown'
GEO Super Nudy in 'Brown'
GEO Princess Mimi in 'Macchiato Brown'

Geo Princess Mimi Macchiato Brown in Natural Lighting

Geo Bambi Princess Mimi in Apple Green in bathroom (artificial) lighting at night

All of these pictures are just previews of the products that I'm gonna review in my next post! (circle lenses, cosmetic products, food)

Please wait for me~ >.<

To end this blog, I'm gonna show you what happened to my TV a few days ago!

My TV started viewing everything BACKWARDS!! And I didn't take a pic of a mirror image! You could faintly see the 'LG' Logo on the bottom of my tv?... Silly TV~

Anyways My next post will be reviewing all the products I got~ So please wait for me! :D