Thursday, 21 July 2011

Last Days of Freedom *Pic Heavy*

Okay so today is Thursday and Uni starts this Monday... sigh..
If only the holidays are longer.. I feel really unaccomplished. 
I promised myself to study during the holidays (so that I can be ahead of everyone :D and so that I can slack off during class)

Eating in class and lining the jelly babies (LOL! look at the purple jelly baby!) - Most of my uni pics consist of Starburst jelly babies.. cos they're so yummy >.<

Stacking 50 cent pieces in class :D (this was my Japanese class last semester)

So those are my slacking off pictures *___*
But during the holidays I haven't studied one bit! and also I haven't done all the things I wanted to do... like...
Watch cartoons till dawn, and play PS3 (My TV broke T__T), play the piano, learn a new song on the guitar and go out and have some fun. Most of my days were cooped up in my room, and because of procrastination... I sleep around 4am and wake up 2pm.. What a waste of day! And before I knew it.. UNI STARTS AGAIN... NOOOOOO

Not only do I procrastinate at home.. I procrastinate at Uni too :( Like...

I procrastinate by balancing 50cent coins on water bottles.. seriously I was so focused that I procrastinated until 9pm (and it takes around an hour to get home)

LOL you can see my Jelly babies :D And my record is 4 coins.. I can't reach 5.. it makes too much noise :(

I bought the jelly babies from the vending machine using $10, and the machines gives me the change in 50cent pieces  :o

But today I agreed to meet up with my friend (and she also promised me to give her microbiology notes... but she forgot) and we when to Sunnybank (A popular district in Brisbane) and celebrated our last days of freedom.

Firstly We went to Maru Restaurant at Sunnybank Centre.. Its a Korean restaurant, the place had really nice interior design :D
I think we ordered too much food, the food that we bought would probably feed 4+ people.. and so we didn't eat it all :'( What a waste of food :'(
I was the one taking pictures so there's no pictures of me except my friend, but that's okay because shes super cute :3

The food looks larger in real life.. O__O

What an epic photo. FOTD! The bowl of fish cakes were HUMONGOUS! 

To be honest, I forgot what we ordered exactly >.< but from the pics I can remember there was 떡볶이 Tteokbokki (braised rice cake meal, but we had fish cakes and tteokbokki meal), we also had fish soup, this really nice tofu and mushroom soup.
For the side dishes we had sweet boiled potatoes, kimchi (of course~) and salty greens (they tasted like seaweed... I likey :D)

I thought the food was delicious, but because we ordered a lot of food and we tried to limit wastage... everything started to taste the same. LOL! I would eat at this restaurant again, but I have to be cautious not to order some sort of family meal. 

Later my mum texted me to buy some snacks, so we went to the Asian groceries near by and shopped :D

Looking at the Korean snack section ;) Awww~ Doesn't she look cute :3

This is what we bought! Six packets of caramel corn chips and Korean pocky sticks (well inverted pocky sticks... the chocolate is inside the biscuit instead of it being dipped in biscuit)

Okay my reason for buying these snacks is because... They were 50cents each!!! I think that's a bargain! Mums gonna be happy, I'm happy.. We're all happy :D

Huge lollipop for the little girl~

Later we went to the nearest shopping centre, and the first place we went to was Funhouse! (an arcade place)

They have cute claw machines too! *__* Aren't these so CUTE!

My friend and I tried to get these cute plushies! but failed :( but we ended up winning a 2nd chance prize.. we won bouncy balls as you can see in the left hand hand of the pic :D

This is what the arcade looked like.. (this was just the front bit of it with the registers)

I found this machine so exciting because the button lighting was so bright and interesting *___*

We waited until they finished playing with the Tekken 6 machine. And my friend beat me.. and it was her first time playing :o I think she likes the game now :D

This claw machine was huge! I want the Doraemon and Hello kitty :(

Later we just walked around the shopping centre

A random store we walked passed, the merchandise are so cute!

And we went to Morning Glory, this Korean stationary place

They sell K-pop merchandise! Like folders and fans with there pictures on them and posters etc. And  my friend is holding a T.O.P. (big bang) fan.. If only there was G-Dragon Merchandise!!! I would have bought them all (I LOVE G-DRAGON!)

And we walked passed this random temporary cute store.

I don't think the quality is great at this temporary store

Later we just sat and rested

These are the constilation bouncy ball prize we won at Funhouse

And I came home to find that my youngest brother bite the nose off my childhood teddy that I had since I was only a few months old sigh..

It actually looks quite funny tehe!

I think that's it for today~
I hope everyone had a great day like I have :)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Procrastination Across The Nation

I procrastinated a lot today, and the day before that and the day before that. Sometimes I procrastinate to the point where I see the sun rise up in the morning...
Yet when you procrastinate, you discover heaps of things.

Like today I discovered that when you type your name on the search tab in the Apple App Store, you will find awesome apps. 

I typed my name in English and in Korean (doubling my chances to find awesome apps)
LOL you can soooo tell that I was procrasting by looking at the times on each photo. 11:22PM to 1:59AM >.<

And the app that I like was 'Puzzle Family'
If you like mini games, then yep! this is the app for you.. I love mini games, they're so addictive *___*
Oh and the app is FREE.
Yay~ Because.. I'm a cheapskate when it comes to apps tehe >.<

LOL I died on Level 4... tehe

Oh I did I mention that I'm addicted to online shopping... (hyperventilates)
And I went on eBay Australia, and I found the camera that I've been longing for AGES...
The camera that I want to get is the NIKON d90 and the one that I want on eBay is on bid. And there's currently 14 bidders :( and the offer ends on Wednesday.. I BETTER WIN~ 

See how beautiful it is *___*
2 Weeks ago there was another Nikon d90 camera that was on sale (bid) and the offer ended when my church starts (so I was bidding whilst at church :/ shhhh don't tell my mum)

And..... I WAS OUTBID BY $1

So this time, I'm determined to WIN

Oh golly gosh I'm procrastinating again >.< So these are my pajamas that I'm wearing now (and also I'm wearing the Princess Mimi Macchiato lens). Sorry about the bad quality pictures (I took the pics via iPod) and argh also its in the bathroom with artificial light.. I look fluro orangey-yellow :/ wahh even the walls are yellow?! and they're white walls! :o

Oh and remind me... to do some circle lens reviews! I've got so many to review and also I wanna do reviews and experiences with the stuff I buy on eBay and the places I go and the food I eat.. so basically blog about everything! :D:D:D I'm starting to like this blogging thing.

Haha.. Anyways.. I should sleep now its currently 3:30am EST (Eastern Australian Standard Time)

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Little Fixations in Brisbane *Pic Heavy*

Okay so there is this Asian claw machine place at Brisbane Elizabeth Arcade in Elizabeth Street.

Where this little shop has a number of claw machines stored in this little shop alleyway. And its not those usual claw machine skill testers you see at the local shopping centres and shopping malls.

Because...... the plush toys are different! They're so KAWAII, they have the small plushies and the Huge plushies.

For the small plushies, each turn on the claw machine is $1
And $2 a go for the huge plushies.

^ The picture above me are the toys that are from the $2 claw machine...

^ And this is another picture from a $2 claw machine..
I friggin wasted over 15 dollars on the STUPID BLUE MUSHROOM PLUSHIE >.>
Oh, I have soooo black listed you from my plushie list you blue mushroom >:)

Can you see the claw machines in the background? *___* Heaven~

That's the cutest carrot I've ever seen~~~~

I WANT this pooh bear plushie tissue box~ Argh ;-;

I guess... Another day, another adventure. 

たからもの≫ First Post

Okay so this is my very first post. This has been a challenge for me because I haven't really blogged before.

I think my daily life is quite random so I thought 'blogging' would be a good thing to do, and also I love online shopping so reviewing products in my blog would be cool right?! ><;;

None of my friends blog, so I don't have any followers yet T__T how embarrassing. So please follow me I won't let you down, and I'll try make this blogging experience funny :D

Anyways with the name of my blog is
I choose the name corney moments simply because... Well... I had a teacher called Mrs. Corney and she was a really CORNEY person, she had a nasal voice and the things she says and do are really corney. Although she is probably one of the best teachers I had in high school :D

And when I reached University, I swear I experience weirder corney moments as the days go by.

Hence why I called it corneymoments