Saturday, 16 July 2011

たからもの≫ First Post

Okay so this is my very first post. This has been a challenge for me because I haven't really blogged before.

I think my daily life is quite random so I thought 'blogging' would be a good thing to do, and also I love online shopping so reviewing products in my blog would be cool right?! ><;;

None of my friends blog, so I don't have any followers yet T__T how embarrassing. So please follow me I won't let you down, and I'll try make this blogging experience funny :D

Anyways with the name of my blog is
I choose the name corney moments simply because... Well... I had a teacher called Mrs. Corney and she was a really CORNEY person, she had a nasal voice and the things she says and do are really corney. Although she is probably one of the best teachers I had in high school :D

And when I reached University, I swear I experience weirder corney moments as the days go by.

Hence why I called it corneymoments

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